Pacific-Custom Machining Company

Our manufacturing facility is located in Northern California, convienient to Bay area industries, yet affording us reasonable labor and overhead costs. Which translates to Convenience and Quality at Low Cost.

Manufacturing Department:
  • CNC Machining centers
    • 1 Fadal 15XT (x-20", y- 16")
    • 2 Fadal 4020 (x-36", y-20"), 4th axis capability
    • All tooling plus multiple vice systems
    • Virtual Gibbs CAD to receive emailed prints
Shop area
Shop area
  • Manual Machines
    • Bridgeport EZ-TRAK Mill (x-32", y-14.5", z-5")
    • Clausing surface grinder (x-19", y-6 5/8")
    • Feeler Toolroom lathe (5" diameter max)
    • Sunnen Internal Hone (to 1" ID, full tooling and guaging)
    • Bridgeport Mill (x-42", y-9")
  • Support Equipment
    • Bead Blaster (36" x 24" x 23" interior dimensions)
    • Vibratory Deburring System
    • Drill presses
    • Rollin Band saw
    • Lincoln TIG/MIG welder
    • Cuttmaster Tool & Cutter Grinder
Tool Holder
Inspection Department:

  • Materials:
    • Titanium, Aluminium (extrusion, 6061), Copper, Brass, Graphite, Ultem, Lucite, Various stainless steels, Phenolics, Mykroy, Kovar, and others.
  • Many materials in stock to allow for quick turnaround manufacturing.
Work in process

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